The Music Technology program at Community Music School gives students the tools and the knowledge to create and produce their own recorded music. Students gain hands-on experience with music recording and production, and take away real job skills that will give them a head start toward careers in the music industry.

The Music Technology Lab at CMS gives students access to industry-standard recording and production equipment and software. You don’t have to play a musical instrument to have a successful music career. Our Music Technology Program will help students with a passion for music explore other pathways, and work with students with similar interests.


In 2016-17, we will offer two sections of Recording Basics and Beyond, our introductory course. Topics will include:

  • Learning to use ProTools recording software
  • Utilizing virtual instruments to create digital music
  • The basics of drum machine programming
  • Microphone technique for recording live instruments
  • How to see the production of a recorded piece of music from start to finish
  • Basic mixing techniques to layer your music

How to Apply

Please review the Registration page for full CMS program requirements and eligibility information prior to submitting your application. Complete the student application by June 15 to be considered for the 2017-18 school year.

Contact Erin Zanders at (919) 832-0900 or with any questions.